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To change your view, a simple press of the Z button will change from a first person inside view of your car to an outside, chase camera angle.


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You only have two choices: die easy or Die Hard! What lies ahead is a very short game involving many decisions, twists and turns. You start with two modes of combat armed and unarmed , a gun with very little ammo and some odds and ends collected from your fallen enemies.

You are faced with a hostage situation, a bunch of armed “terrorists” running around, explosives set to blow up the roof, police and other legal authorities trying to contain the scene, and very little knowledge of where you are going or what to do next.

If all this wasn’t enough, you need to stop the bad guys, warn the police, protect the hostages and rescue your wife before the timer for unlocking the safe runs out and Hans Gruber blows the building up, allowing him to make his escape with the loot. I really didn’t think I would enjoy playing this game. I thought it was going to be a routine action adventure which only allowed me to perform certain actions to reach my ultimate goal.

I was pleasantly proven wrong. The game controls are a little tricky at first, but with every new game comes a certain amount of time spent learning the “instinct” of the gaming controls; especially when you had nothing but the game itself to use as a guide!

I strongly suggest practicing the controls in a vacant room on the first level before wandering around by the seat of your pants. You are able to wander around and explore freely, fighting your way through any opponents and obstacles, while you figure out your next step. The game provides small rewards for smaller accomplishments and larger rewards for greater accomplishments.

The rewards of which I speak are in the form of graphic stills from the movie, which I found to be encouraging enough to keep me moving onward. The depth of the game controls impressed me and the game content presented a few surprises, even though I thought I knew the story. You are able to aim your weapon, and you have evasive as well as attack manuevers for both armed and unarmed combat, which is good.

Your enemies can run out of ammo, you can dodge bullets and even use the environment as cover. All of these things put together would be great, but some of them fall short of that mark. Aiming and firing I found to be difficult and resolved to line up only dead-on straight shots. The 3D enviroment may be considered crude rendering, but it is cruder still while navigating the “bump zone” when encountering objects in any area. The music for the game was absolutely dreadful to me and I made sure it was off for the remainder of the time I spent playing.

It is also also wise to remember that you are playing a role in a movie that has already been scripted. Like any actor, if you don’t follow the script, your performance will be poor and not at all well-received. There are multiple endings to the game; not all of them end well for you, but all are interesting to experience nonetheless.

The replay value for Die Hard is still there for me because a single game went by rather quickly, the difficutly level was tough but not impossible, and there was enough to keep me busy. I have yet to figure out whether everything encountered could nab me another bonus movie scene graphic.

Even though I may seem overcritical of all this, I am still giving Die Hard a 3 rating, because it served it’s purpose: it killed some time and provided me with some brief, non-commital fun and excitement! Yippee Kay Yay!! With that comes some advice.

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