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It’s an adventure game, set in a detective / mystery, licensed title, puzzle elements, law enforcement and tv series themes, and was also released on Mac. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is a video game based on the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation television series. The game was developed by Interactive.

Csi game for pc free download

As a new employee at the forensics lab, you must accompany more seasoned investigators as they track down suspects csi game for pc free download scour crime scenes across the city. You’ll probably get the same enjoyment from staring at the telly and free buttons on your remote at random. When you go through the whole game or simply need additional cores for other applications to work, do not forget to uncheck the box in the way described above!


[Csi game for pc free download


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Metropolitan Museum Cleveland Museum of Art. Internet Arcade Console Living Room. Similar to games like L. Noire , some clues are simply meant to throw you off the trail, while others can make or break the case.

Once you’ve collected enough information, you can travel back to the forensics lab, where you’ll complete various experiments to determine the validity of your discoveries. You can search for records in the police database, travel to the morgue to examine dead bodies, and even perform chemical analysis on mysterious substances. These sequences include some simple mini-games, which help break up the monotony of investigation.

That said, this process can become pretty dull by the fourth or fifth case, growing more repetitive as the game drags on. Ultimately, if you love the CSI show and enjoy the characters and dark tone, you’ll have a good time investigating the various crimes that the game has to offer.

When compared to some of the wackier episodes of the show, these crimes can feel somewhat tame, but it’s still bloodier and more risque than you might expect. Digging up clues and analyzing them at the lab is fun enough for a few hours, but things slow down towards the end of the game. Overall, the experience is a mixture of ups and downs, but it’s generally worth playing if you enjoy the original show.

From The layout of the victim, it looks like we’re dealing with a copycat, one who’s managed to competently imitate the atmosphere of the television show in its modus operandi.

However, execution was sometimes sloppy, evident from the pools of bad acting gathered around the victim’s peripheral characters. There were no visible signs of a struggle and it’s estimated that it took less than a night before the victim was finished off. We have proof that our suspect was able to lead the victim willingly by the hand to an early exit and after digging around for clues, we can confirm that limited interaction with the environment was a major accelerant.

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