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Export garageband to logic pro x free download

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Export garageband to logic pro x free download

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Board index Music Software Logic Pro. How to export logic pro X to Garageband? Thu Nov 07, pm My friend cannot afford Logic Pro X yet but he has garageband, I created a song in Logic pro X and want him to add a bass track to it, can I send him the project so he can pull it into garageband to record a bass track and send it back to me? Thanks in advance. Logic Pro X Mon Nov 11, am I do this all the time. The easiest way is to make a two-track bounce of a rough mix of the tune as a stereo aiff file.

He won’t need all the tracks or even a very polished mix in order to add a bass part to the tune. Make a note of the key the Logic Pro project is in, and the tempo beats-per-minute.

Then open GarageBand and create a new song. Set the key and the tempo of the song to match the Logic Pro project. Then drag the two-track bounce from a folder in the Finder where it resides into the “add loops” area in GarageBand. That will make a track or tracks for the mix audio file. Move the audio file so it’s at bar 1 beat 1 of the GarageBand song. Then, add a new audio track where your friend can put his bass part. Save the file, and send or give it to your friend. After he’s added his part, he can send or give you his amended file.

You can open that in Logic Pro and copy the bass track from it, then paste it into your Logic Pro project on a new track. Luckily, Logic Pro X is incredibly inexpensive, so your friend won’t have to save up for long before he can buy his own copy. I am trying to verify the names of speakers and my corespondent only has Garageband.

Is this possible? Mon Dec 07, pm Garageband cannot open Logic projects. Do a stereo bounce of your mix as a wav file and send him that. Attach the beats per minute number in the file’s name. A Track will be automatically created once you drag it in. Make sure everything starts on the same bar.

Sat Dec 12, pm I have edited a set of interviews. Each persons audio is on a separate region. I need the client to listen to the tracks and verify the names and spellings on each region. They have GB so i want to export to GB. When they are exported as suggested here, the track names are renamed. Can this be done?

If not, is there a way I can bounce the tracts so that each region’s name is attached to the audio file? If this is not possible, is there a way to print out the names of the regions as the appear in the project? Sun Dec 13, am Once you use the above method to get audio regions into GarageBand it is quite simple to rename the regions to whatever you want.

Scroll down on the image below to see all of it, if necessary. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Sun Dec 13, pm Thanks.

I have a lot of these so I was hoping to avoid retyping all of them in just so the client can read the names. They are not paying by the hour. Also when I followed your workflow I get only tracks. I was trying to export the regions. Is there a way to have each region exported without having to to make each one a track?


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