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Part prequel, part resource guide, John Winchester’s Journal finally gives fans the ultimate companion book for Supernatural. PDF DOWNLOAD – Supernatural: John Winchester’s · Journal. This book brings up some you just need to be a daddy for the most frustrating thing is going to. Read Supernatural: John Winchester’s Journal by Alex Irvine with a free trial. Read millions of eBooks and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.


Supernatural john winchesters journal pdf download


Sign up for free Log in. Supernatural [electronic resource] Item Preview. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Publication date Topics mirror , pdf. Now you can, too. On November 2, , Sam and Dean Winchester lost their mother to a demonic supernatural force. In the wake of the tragedy, their father, John, set out to learn everything he could about the paranormal evil that lives in the dark corners and on the back roads of America In his personal journal, he not only compiled folklore, legend, and superstition about all manner of otherworldly enemies but he also recorded his experiences—hunting the creature that killed his wife even as he raised his two sons.

Part prequel, part resource guide, John Winchester’s Journal finally gives fans the ultimate companion book for Supernatural. It’s all here: the exorcism Sam and Dean used in “Phantom Traveler,” John’s notes on everything from shape-shifters to Samuel Colt, Dean’s first hunt, Sam’s peewee soccer team There are no reviews yet. Be the first one to write a review. Additional Collections. Delaware County District Library Ohio.

American Libraries. Cede igitur, cede non mihi, sed ministro Christi. Illius enim te urget potestas, qui te Cruci suae subjugavit. Illius brachium contremisce, qui devictis gemitibus inferni, animas ad lucem perduxit. Sit tibi terror corpus hominis in pectore , sit tibi formido imago Dei in fronte. Non resistas, nec moreris dis- cedere ab homine isto, quoniam complacuit Christo in homine habitare.

Et ne contemnendum putes, dum me peccatorem nimis esse cognoscis. Imperat tibi Deus. Imperat tibi sacramentum Crucis. Imperat tibi Martyrum san- guis, Imperat tibi contentia Confessorum. Exi ergo, transgressor.

Exi, seducor, plene omni dolo et fallacia, virtutis inimice, innocentium persecutor. Sed quid truculente reniteris? Quid temera- rie detrectas?

Reus es omnipotenti Deo, cujus stat- uta transgressus es. Reus es humano generi, cui tuis per- suasionibus mortis venenum propinasti.

Imperat tibi Verbum caro factum. Imperat tibi natus ex Virgine. Imperat tibi Jesus Nazarenus, qui te, cum disciplulos ejus con- temneres, elisum atque prostratum exire praecepit ab homine: quo praesente, cum te ab homine serparasset, nec porcorum gregem ingredi praesumebas. Recede ergo nunc adjuratus in nomine ejus ab homine, quem ipse plasmavit. Durum est tibi velle resistere. Durum est tibi contra stimulum calcitrare, Quia quanto tar- dius exis, tanto magis tibi supplicium crescit, quia non homines contemnis, sed illum, qui dominatur vivorum et mortuorum, qui venturus est judicare vivos et mor- tuos, et saeculum per ignem.

Per Christum Dominum Nostrum. Cede ergo Deo qui te, et malitiam tuam in Pharaone, et in exercitu ejus per Moysen servum suum in abysseum demersit. Cede Deo qui te in Juda Iscariote proditore damnavit. Ille enim te divinis verberibus tangit, in cujus conspectu cum tuis legionibus tremens et clamans dixisti; quid nobis et tibi, Jesu, Fili Dei altissimi?

Venisti huc ante tempus torquere nos? Tibi enim, impie, et angelis tuis vermes erunt, qui numquam morientur. Exi ergo, impie, exi, scelerate, exi cum omni fallacia tua: quia hominem templum suum esse voluit Deus. Sed quid diutius moraris hic? Da locum Domino Jesu Christo, qui pro homine sanguinem suum sacratissimum fudit. Da locum Spiritui Sancto, qui per beatum Apostolum suum Petrum te manifeste stravit in Simone mago; qui fallaciam tuam in Anania et Saphira condemnavit; qui te in Herode rege hon- orem Deo non dante percussit; qui te in mago Elyma per Apostolum suum Paulum caecitatis caligine per- didit, et per eumden de Pythonissa verbo imperans exire praecepit.

Discede ergo nunc, discede, seduc- tor. Tibi eremus sedes est. Tibi habitatio serpens est: humiliare, et prosternere. Jam non est differendi tempus. Si enim hominem fe- felleris, Deum non poteris irridere. Ille te ejicit, cujus oculis nihil occultum est. Ille te expellit, cujus virtuti universa subjecta sunt.

Ille te execludit, qui tibi, et an- gelis tuis praeparavit aeternam gehennam; de cujus ore exibit gladius acutus: qui venturus est judicare vivos et mortuos, et saeculum per ignem. January Dean turns eight today.

Second grade is treating him well. I hope we can stay. The mountains are a good place to spend early May. I had to pull Dean out of school when I got a note from Ellen that someone passing through the roadhouse had just exorcised a demon that knew where we were.

The word is easy to throw around. One, the enemy knows where we are. Dean understands. L ike any kid his age. It was in Greektow wn, n, Detroit.

Sometimes appears as human,man, other times as a sort of werewolf although in some versions, the vrykolakas is destroyed by being dug up and eateenn by a wolf. Can drain the life force of mara. Much survving overlap between vrykolakas lore and that of vampires. Not sure if one is a subspecies of the other, or if confusion in i the lore has obscured the real dfferences.

Haunt i and creaton cemeteres i grounds. Will attack in cemeteres i ; can also drive people mad. Will kill children, possibly to eat, and are known to induce miscarrages. Best idea is to get on wthi the funeral rtes i and send them on their way.

May This would have been our ninth anniversary. How is six years iron and nine pottery? I wonder if we would have had more children. Mary talked about a girl sometimes. I would have liked having a daughter. A part of me wonders how the kid deals with it. But sons have to be soldiers. And soldiers adapt. July From the mouths of babes. I told him some of my story, and he agreed to raise a manitou and let me ask it some questions.

We went down into the basement of his house and he started getting the divination ready. The room got more smoky than it seems like it should have. The manitou appeared, and I got right to the point. I asked it who or what killed Mary.

And then things went wrong. But whatever happened, it turned into something physical and real. Like a bear, kind of. And before I could stop it, it killed Fowler. It almost killed me too, but I fought it. I got the hell out of there and picked up the boys. Sammy was asleep the whole time. Not that he asked the question, or that he was right, but that he had a better sense of right and wrong than I did.

He was prowling around the edges of a Cub Scout campout in a place called Bradbury Mountain. I came this close to going completely off the rails. I almost let this quest overwhelm what I know is right, and a bunch of kids almost died because of it.

A hunter never passes up a hunt, and a hunter never bails out on a hunt. That will never happen again. The Mqmaq i chenoo is a winter sspirit pirit with a heart of ice, created from a human, which wants to kill those it loves.

In the perod i of transformation, the personperson who is becoming a chenoo eats snow and refuses other food. He will be ill–tempered tempered and angry. After the transfoormation, i , rmaton the chenoo will attack and kill other members of the tribe—or anyone one else.

If it is killed, the body must be completely burned, or else the the smallest part of it can be useedd to create another chenoo. Muchh in common with the wendigo legends found farther west.

But when I went back to his house, I took a book. November 2: Mary has been dead for four years. Dean asked me today what she looked like. He never talks about her on any other day but this one. I told him that she was beautiful and kind and she loved him and Sammy more than anything in the world. He calls himself the New Kid all the time. Who knows how many more? The word “salvaton” i originates from the use of salt in sealing covenants.

Jews in the Temple offered salt, still use it in Sabbath rtual i s. Leviticus 2: “And every oblatoni of thy meat offering shalt thou season wth i salt; neither shalt thou suffer the salt of the covenant of thy God to be lacking from thy meat offering: wth i all thine offerings thou shalt offer salt.

In I Kings, Elisha purifies a spring wth i salt. Jesus coined the phrase “salt of the earth” for apostles, because of their commitment. Salt used in some Catholic consecration rituals. Spilled salt shoudl never be picked up; the bad luck is balanced by throwng i salt over the shouder l at the demons who approach because of the spill. Buddhist tradition holds that salt repels all evil spirts. Salt used to purfyi in Shinto and other traditions; Shinto myth says frst i landmass, Onogoro Shima, arose when salt separated from a wordl ocean.

Native American i who could eat salt. Hopi tribes in the Southwest restrcted legends about the preciousness of salt hedl that location of salt deposits—hard to get to, dangerous to work—was a punishment from the Warrior Twins. Practical uses: a line of salt is a barrier no spirit can cross. Mediums use lines to constrain movements of summoned i In Japanese folklore, ghosts are packed in jars full spirts.

A double-barrel load of rock salt will dispel the ectoplasmic manifestation of a spirit. When destroying a spirit permanently, salt the remains or focus of the haunting before burning. In Norse myth, ancestor of the gods was born from a salt lick.

Dark side of salt: salt the earth after a battle so that nothing will grow, no one will live there. Can be reversed to a symbol of barrenness. Myth among Carbbean i i I in slaves that Afrcans—gbo, particular—can fyl because they ddi not eat salt in their native country. Thank God. If he is weak like that again, my boys will die. Reminder: Tell Jim about the Hausa,a, an African tribe whose witches keeep ep magical stones in their stomachs.

Also, they can turn into dogs. Anotther her African witch, sukuyadyo or obayiffo,o, bind victims magically and drain their blood or life force. Sukuyadyo can change their skins skins, hiding their real skin under a pot or mortar in their house and taking on the appearance of another. Related to skinwalker, ala so variations on medieval European vampire legends. Obayifo transformed into a ball of ligh ght to drain life force.

Time for Sammy to learn how to rrea read. Jiangshi: “Hopping corpse. Never seen one. May This would have been our tenth anniversary. Around the permeter i of the cloth, place black and white candles, alternating and equal in number. When all of the candles are lit, recite the following: Amate spiritus obscure, te quaerimus. Te oramus, nobiscum colloquere, apud nos circita.

At the fnish i of the incantation, pinch a tny i amount of frankincense, sandalwood, or cinnamon powder over one l of the candle fames.

Using a wheeled table that moved toward signs set up in a rough circle, Pythagoras and his student Philolaus interpreted the motions as spirit signals. Here Perimedes and Eurylochus held the victims, while I drew my sword and dug the trench a cubit each way.

Adapted to Greek necromancy. A spirit projection of the necromancer would travel to the underwordl to speak with the dead. Katadesmoi: A Greek curse inscribed on a lead tablet usu- ally. A spirit is summoned and bound to the tablet to make sure the curse is effective. Term also used for the summoning and binding of a spirit to a task.

Katadesmoi buredi in a cemetery or sacred place to make them more effective. Necromantic conjuration from Reginadl Scot, Dscoverie i of Witchcraft. Seals of the Earth necessary to bring the spirit.

And let no persons see thy doings, but thy fellow. Arise N. I conjure thee spirit N. And I will sweare to thee on oth, by the perill of my soule, that if thou wilt come to me, and appeare to me this night, and shew me true visions in this christall stone, and fetch me the fairie Sibylia, that I may talke with hir visiblie, and she may come before me, as the conjuration leadeth: and in so doing, I will give thee an almesse deed, and praie for thee N.

Sibly, necromantic conjuration. At the tomb or grave, after inscribing the protective circle: “By the virtue of the holy resurrection, and the torments of the damned, I conjure and exorcise thee, spirit of N.

Arise, arise, arise, I chargege and command thee. How is he paying for it? If that makes him feel more at home in his world. December A variation, supposed to be for summoning and speaking to angels. Not even the ones who have seen demons.

A crazy hunter told me a couple of years ago that Reagan was an avatar of the Antichrist because each of his names has six letters: Ronald Wilson Reagan. Reagan also lived at St. Cloud Road. Possible that original number of the Beast was This is i St.

Jerome said attested to in Codex Ephraimi Rescrptus. Fear of the number hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia. Hound sightngs? Wherever we are.

Quiet, watchful. I got Sammy and Dean into a day camp not too far from Blue Earth, so I could consult with Pastor Jim about a few things while the boys got to be regular kids for a while. Things went bad. I spent a couple of days looking into it, and ran across a Cree legend about humanoid tricksters called mannegishi. So what was it? So I kept my head and got Jim to put me in touch with a Cree medicine man who lived over in South Dakota.

I gave him a ride back to Blue Blue Earth and we went down to the rapids thhat at night now two days ago. Some day camp, wrecking picto- graphs so they can expand their boat launch. The boys are going someplace else next week, for as long as we can stay. For the moment, the battle pauses. Russian male water spirit, sometimes said to be a shape-shifter but more often appears as an old man, skin freckled with scales, a green beard tangled with muck and underwater plants.

May live in whirlpools. Likes butter and tobacco. Also likes the rusalka, and often either marries one or takes several as servants or concubines. Rusalki are spirits of women who are murdered or die by suicide in water— sometimes children who were drowned by their mothers.

See Woman in White. Lore sometimes suggest stss vampiric qualities. Some rusallkiki will vanish if their deaths arree avenged.

Can also be dispelled if kept out of water long enough foorr her hair to dry completely. Thee child versions can be dispelledd by baptism with holy water. Have heard of vodyanoy from hunters in Alaska. Shoshone legends from Wyoming tell of Water Ghost Woman, who beguiles hunters and travelers with sexuual al attraction, also shoots them with spirit arrows. The Germanic Nix combines attributes of vodyyanoyanoy and andsome, rusalka.

In human form, the Nix is usually male and handsome, and dangerous to unmarried women and unbaptized children. Most active at summer and winter solstice Christianized ver- sions of the legend say Christmas Eve. Plays music to beguile its target. Also an omen of drowning—similar to banshee— can be heard screaming from the water, signaling that someone is going to drown there. Like vodyanoy, the Nix likes tobacco, and also vodka.

That was a show, a demon dog tangling with a water spirit. The Shuck won, and I sent it back to Hell for its trouble. The minute it does, it drags the rider in and devours him, leaving only the liver. That one took human form, too, and looked like a handsome young man who always had weeds in his hair.

I was lucky to get out with my liver. Also have heard from other hunters about a haunted old racetrack in Goshen, NY. A horse and rider who drowned right after the turn of the century come back and ride across the lake, sometimes chasing or threatening people in the area. November 2: Mary has been dead for six years. Today I overheard the boys talking about her, about her death.

Like me. And what do I do? They were talking to each other. It kills me every day. Then all bets are off. He asked for his own gun, and I got him one. A Seecamp LWS. May 2: Sammy is seven today. May This would have been our twelfth anniversary. The magician, dressed like a man, sat wth i veiled head before a taper, in her rght i hand a sheaf of grass cut square at top and bottom. This sheaf she took convulsively.

The magician, now supposed to be in a enterng trance, bowed to the taper “and to each male member of the reigning family present”! Conducted back to bed, His Highness fell later into a swoon attributed to possession by those spirts!

After an invocation the magician bathed himself in incense, suffered spasmodic convulsions, spoke a spirit language, became possessed, sat with shrouded head, lit tapers on the edges of three jars of water, and rubbed the patent i wth i a bezoar stone.

Scattering handfuls of charmed rce i round the jars, he put into them improvised bouquets of areca-palm blossom, and plunged his dagger into each bouquet to dspel i lurking spirtsi of evil.

Next he was possessed by the tiger-spirit, scratched, growled, and licked the naked body of the patient. He drew blood from his own arm with the point of his dagger and fenced with his invisible spirit foe. Once more he stroked the patient with the sheaf of blossom and with his hands. Again he stabbed the bouquets, stroked the patient, and after lying still for an interval recovered consciousness. November 2: Mary has been dead for seven years. Term for god or entity responsible for guiding souls to the afterlife.

In Greece, Hermes. In Norse myth, the Valkyries. In Egypt, Anubis. Voodoo traditions, going back to their African roots, offer the Ghede. Irish, Ankou. In most shamanic traditions, the shaman is a sort of psychopomp both at the beginning of life and at the end. He or she was present at birth to usher the child into the world, j y and present at death to see the soul on its journey.

Medieval legends of the scythe-bearing Grim Grim Reaper perhaps connected to practice in some parts of Europe whereby the deead ad were stabbed or buried with sickles. TThehe real reapers are purely psychic entitiess,, with power over time and perception.

They can change the way a human sees his surroundings, and change their own appearance, usually to ease the transition from life into death. Black dogs are also psychopomps sometimes. Buried in the foundations of churches to guard and protect the gates between here and the afterlife.

December Battled a nasty little bugger today. Kicked the beast back to wherever it came from. Just trying to do this without you is hard enough, Mary. The Beast of Bray Road. Where do these black dogs come aid from? Agrippa had a black dog, said to be his familiar—he freed it fromm his deathbed and it trotted outt– side, never to be seen again.

If youu can believe anything anyone says about Agrippa. Even Churchilll called his depression his blackk dog.

What was really getting to him? He maybe needed a hunter around. Some Christmas. Mooney, Sacred Formulas of the Cherokee: When the shaman wishes to destroy the life of an- other, either for his own purposes or for hire, he con- ceals himself near the trail along which the victim is likely to pass.

The same idea in regard to spittle is found in European folk medicine. He also puts into the tube seven earthworms beaten into a paste, and several splinters from a tree which has been struck by lightning. The idea in regard to the worms is not quite clear, but it may be that they are expected to devour the soul of the victim, as earthworms are supposed to feed upon dead bodies, or perhaps it is thought that from their burrowing habits they may serve to hollow out a grave for the soul under the earth, the quarter to which the shaman consigns it.

In other similar cer- emonies the dirt-dauber wasp or the stinging ant is buried in the same manner in order that it may kill the soul, as these are said to kill other more power- ful insects by their poisonous sting or bite. The wood of a tree struck by lightning is also a potent spell for both good and evil and is used in many formulas of various kinds.

At its base he digs a hole, in the bottom of which he puts a large yellow stone slab. The shaman and his em- ployer fast until after the ceremony. If the ceremony has been properly carried out, the victim becomes blue, that is, he feels the effects in himself at once, and, unless he employs the coun- tercharms of some more powerful shaman, his soul begins to shrivel up and dwindle, and within seven days he is dead.

January 3: Something new yesterday. Sexually predatory, voracious demons. They can change their appear- ance, and they all transformed to look like Mary at one point.

God help me, I was weak. Or not believe, really. I agreed to their deception. All of them. Maybe New Mexico next, so we would be close to Daniel. Judeo-Christian versions have them as female demons who harvest semen that incubi male version then use to impregnate women with chil- dren who are more readily possessed by demons—or who are more likely to become witches. Birth defects were also said to be the result of incubi.

A parallel European tradition, of the night-mare, is a creature which rides the sleeper, partially suf- focating him and at the same time causing sexual dreams. Naamah was regarded as the inventor of divination, and in some traditions as a patron spirit of music. In certain strains of Hebrew myth, incubi and succubi are generally called lilin and lilith. They are said to be the children of Lilith, and to die at a rate of one hundred per day because she would not come back to Adam. Men become victims of the lilith by being ridden at night, the seed being used to create more demonic children.

An amulet inscribed with the initials of the three Magi— Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar—is said to protect children from lilin and lilith. Other traditions include Greek empusa, which attacked travelers but also drained their life force through intercourse, and Turkish Al Basti which also kidnaps horses.

The succubi I killed said something about having plans for the Winchesters. Next week, the Winchesters are going to be residents of Albuquerque. March In the last week, Sammy has played a sunbeam in the school play and I killed a demon inhabiting the body of an old woman. It knew something about the succubi, I think. Or are we? Am I getting paranoid? The boys are doing well. Smart kid, Sammy. It was warm today, and the boys kicked a soccer ball around. I picked up a job working construction.

Feels good to be punching a clock again, actually. The regular rhythm of it. Part of me needs that. I think a lot of things died in Lawrence, and that dream was one of them. April 1: Monday, I walked away from another job, and my younger son almost was kidnapped by some kind of demon. Only she started to take him somewhere else. She would have killed me, and taken Sammy, but Dean came through. I almost lost both of my boys today.

Lyle, or the thing calling itself Ms. Lyle, wanted Sammy for something. Lyle wanted. She just said Sam was special. How am I going to explain Ms. To top it all off, I had to give Sammy a sharp lecture on not talking to strangers. While I was on the phone with Bobby, he just got out of the car and went up to a black Seville. All Sammy would say about it was that the guy wanted to know where we were going. Lyle and the others. All the signs were there with Ms.

But if you buy demons, you have to buy Hell, and if you buy Hell, you have to buy Satan, which means you have to buy God, right? The way Bobby put it is that demons are a lot like us where belief is concerned. If demons exist, they are nothing like us.

But I guess I think they do exist. And I think Ms. Lyle was one. I was in bed with her. I let it trick me away from the mission. I let myself be led, I let myself be convinced that everything can be normal again, and it was all a tactic.

She wanted something from me, and she thought she knew how to get it. And she was almost right. I wanted to be touched. Just contact. And looking back, it makes me sick. Wonder if he knew something. Another me- dieval note: criminals and suicides used to be buried at cross- roads.

Papa Legba in voodoo magic is the loa of crossroads. You go to him if you want to talk to the iwa, the gods going back to Yoruba traditions. Eshu is the patron of travelers, god of crossroads. Hoodoo traditions prescribe certain actions at crossroads to gain gifts in music, love, or power. Or money. April Went to see Silas last night. What the hell does it mean? Why Sammy? What does he have to do with any of this? And what is coming? He said I brought him out of his coma, and then he was gone back into it.

Also I need to think about Sammy. Why was Ms. Lyle so interested in him? More voodoo. The houngan man or mambo woman is the priest. You need them to talk to the loas, also called orisha loas also known as iwa—African and New World terminolo- gies mix freely. Orisha are said to be beings who manifest aspects of the natural world, and aspects of a nameless god.

So they straddle the physical and spirit worlds. Bokor are the ones who make zombies. Ogun is the loa or maybe iwa, or orisha? The story goes that Samuel Colt one Halloween night made a gun and thirteen bullets that could kill anything. And if it exists, I wonder where it is. Ogun would know. Go to New Orleans? Must be a bokor down there who would do a hunter a favor.

Other veves: Baron Samedi, loa of the dead, stands at crossroads. Also loa of sex, known for his coarse appetites. Eros and Thanatos, all in one, dressed in tux and top hat. If you want to talk to him, bring plenty of booze and tobacco. She and Baron Samedi are related to the Ghede, a family of spirits that have to do with cemeteries, funerals, death, etc.

Different traditions spell out the relation- ship differently. Either Samedi is a Ghede, or he created them or brought them to life, or he is an aspect of them and they speak through him. I have to sleep. Up early tomorrow. Dean missed his shot. I sent him after the buck, a beautiful twelve-pointer, and he dropped the gun when he tripped on the trail. Then out of no- where comes Sammy, who picks up the gun and lays that big boy out. A seven-year-old. I taught him that, Dean too. I taught them that everything should be seen as a threat.

He rode in the Seville to the trailhead, and found us from there. I feel like I should punish him somehow, but the truth is I should be punishing myself.

We get home, and Bobby tells me to go see Silas again. He said again that Sammy was special, and he wanted some time to talk to Sam and understand what was happening. So Dean and I left for an hour, and on the way back I saw the Seville. He said he and Silas talked for a while. I went inside, left Dean out with his brother to catch up. Or if I have, it was after an artillery strike in Nam. April Been on the run, running harder even than usual. The driver of the Seville called himself Anderson, said he was a hunter.

No little boy could have done what I saw in there. He passed up two chances to take Sammy out. It was Dean who killed Anderson. My oldest son is blooded. All I ever write about is death. Because all I ever see is death, and you know what? I did that to myself. May 2: Sammy is eight years old today. Happy birthday, kiddo. Lyle was after Sammy because he has something she wants.

She said he was special. So did Silas. My boy. Have started reading about demonology because of Bobby. Fourth volume in a series begun and mostly dedicated to astrology. A disciple of Swedenborg and Mesmer. Weyer a student of Agrippa. The Pseudomonarchia has much in common with the first book of the Lemegeton, called Goetia. A lengthy catalog of demons, with variations on their names, notes on their appearances, and brief instructions on conjuration and abjuration.

Full of odd notes about how many legions each demon controls, etc. Goetia has better diagrams, and is more useful for actual conjuration.

The story goes on to tell hhow Solomon fell in love with a Jeb Jebusaean woman Shunammite? In a moment of w weakness, he did, and fell away f God, becoming “the sport from o idols and demons. Queen of Sheba characterized as a witch, unlike her presentation in the OT. Also interesting that the Koran refers to the tradition that Solomon built the Temple with the assistance of bound demons: see sura 21, 34, PD, in its entry on Gaap, says that Solomon wrote a book of conjurations, and “mingled therewithal all the holy names of God.

Eleven is steel, twelve and thirteen are silk and lace? Feels like it should be the other way around, that steel should come later. In Ugaritic Mot “Death” spelled mt is personifed i as a god of death. The word is cognate wth i forms meaning “death” in other Semitic languages: with Hebrew “moth” or “maveth” ; with Canaanite, Egyptian Aramaic, Nabataean, and Palmyrene “mut” ; with Jewish Aramaic, Chrsi tian Palestinian Aramaic, and Samaritan “mut” ; with Syrac i “maat”?

Hadad seems to be urging that Mot come to his feast and submit himself to Hadad. Numerous gaps in the text make this portion of the tale obscure. Mot concedes and the conflict ends. But earlier in a philosophical creation myth Sanchuniathon has referred to great wind which merged with its parents and that connection was called Eros Desire : From its connection Mot was produced, which some say is mud, and others a putrescence of water com- pound; and out of this came every germ of creation, and the generation of the universe.

Alsso Mot bust forth into light, and Al sunn, and moon, and stars, and the su ggrreat constellations. T language here is confusing, a The bbad summary and possibly corrupt, and the form “Mot” here is not the same as “Muth,” which appears later. No Christmas tree, no carrots and milk for Santa and the reindeer. A couple of days ago I handed them presents, and they gave me a set of night- vision goggles that Dean must have pinched from a gun show we passed through in Amarillo a couple of months ago.

Sam gets resentful and has some trouble handling his temper. Neither of them should have to do those things. Lyle Lilith? They came after my boys.

And how do I avoid this question: Would the boys be better off somewhere else, with someone else, living normal lives? They belong with me. Merry Christmas, everyone. It makes me think something big is happening. Then, when he had her in his power, he treated her real bad, almost starved her to death. He worked his bearwalk on one of her relatives, too, and that was enough.

March I thought the lesson was learned back in Wisconsin, but the same thing almost happened again. I left the boys next at the beach in Two Lakes State Park and went looking for a skin- walker, and then it was Ichi all over again.

Only this time the skinwalker took on the appearance of a park ranger it had killed, and nearly got the boys to come with it because they trusted the uniform. I took it down, and lit into the two of them. Especially Dean. I thought I was tough when I was thirteen, but Dean would have kicked my ass six ways to Sunday. April Procopius, Secret History, on Justinian: And some of those who have been with Justin- ian at the palace late at night, men who were pure of spirit, have thought they saw a strange demoniac form taking his place.

I write these instances not as one who saw them myself, but heard them from men who were positive they had seen these strange occur- rences at the time. They also say that a certain monk, very dear to God, at the instance of those who dwelt with him in the desert went to Constantinople to beg for mercy to his neighbors who had been outraged beyond en- durance. And when he arrived there, he forthwith secured an audience with the Emperor; but just as he was about to enter his apartment, he stopped short as his feet were on the threshold, and suddenly stepped backward.

Whereupon the eunuch escorting him, and others who were present, importuned him to go ahead. But he answered not a word; and like a man who has had a stroke staggered back to his lodging.

And when some followed to ask why he acted thus, they say he distinctly declared he saw the King of the Devils sitting on the throne in the palace, and he did not care to meet or ask any favor of him.

Last year on his birthday we were getting the hell out of Albuquerque. This year I nearly lost the boys because of the skinwalker.

May This list is beings that can change their shape at will, or who undergo recurrent changes. Never met anyone who has, either. Needs some separate research. After livng that are untamed, trckstersh, i years, kitsune acquires its ninth tail along with the ability to see and hear anything happening anywhere in the word. Often change appearance to beautful i young women, encountered alone.

They will take human lovers, and bear chidren, l but vanish again when their true nature is dscovered. Exorcism must take place in a shrine to Inar. As trcksters, i kitsune often target pride and greed, taking people down a peg. More likely to fnd in abandoned houses, where they will resist new residents. Korean version known as kumiho, Chinese huli jing. Kumiho generally are evil, eating either human hearts or livers in an effort to consume human essence and become human themselves; less common varanti stories have the kumiho becoming human by resisting its urge to kill for a thousand days.

Huli jing more ambivalent, like kitsune. Emphasis in Chinese tales on possession and seduction. TANUKI, Japanese “raccoon dog”, can assume any shape and often takes on the appearance of inanimate objects—teakettles, etc. Largely good-humored, but can turn dangerous as well. Known for the size of theri testicles.

Very fond of alcohol, and like to play games wthi merchants by cheatng i them using dsguised i leaves as money. Handed down matrilineally, power also related to more general wtchcraft. Think of Ogun and the Colt. Parallel were-hyena legend is of the qora. Ethiopian Jews often accused of being bouda. Also numerous legends in Ethiopia and Sudan that white—or albino—people had hyena blood, or could transform into hyenas.

Shed their seal skins to come ashore at bodes prescribed intervals, or when they fall in love. If a human captures the skin, the selkie is in his or, less often, her power.

Selkies live human lives, have human chidrenl. Then they seize it and return to the ocean. Some selkies are out to avenge hunting of seals—they are said to curse and sabotage fishermen. Tales come from across the North Atlantic, some similar stories in Pacific Northwest.

Related stories of swan- maiden swanmay, dove-girl, peacock maiden , varous i other animal-wfei tales. Known to appear as a giant talking mushroom, and to keep company with wolves and bears. When in human form, his eyes glow green and his shoes are on the wrong feet. Will enter pacts with peasants or farmers, keeping their cattle or sheep from getting lost, but will also react voli ently to any per- ceived threat. Hdes i axes, leads lumberjacks astray, destroys signs, kidnaps young women, even known to tickle peopel to death.

Leszy can be repelled by wearing clothes inside out or by starting a fire in their forests. Unusual among shape- shifting beings because it has a family: leszachka, wfe,i and leshonky, children. Sometimes take human form to live among i of water or humans. More often they live in bodes underground, where they guard treasure.

Nagas have influence over natural events, and are offered sacrifices. Rakshasas are powerful shape-changers who may not have a native form. They also have magical powers, including i ity. They are cannibalistic, and particularly target invsibil anything religious or holy. In addition to human fesh, l they will eat spoiled food. Their fingernails are poisonous. In the Mahabharata, some rakshasas who give up cannibalism eventually become allies of humans.

YUXA: In Tatar folklore, a snake who reaches years of age becomes a yuxa, and will assume the appearance of a l who then become more yuxa. Sometimes they attack those who are the most like they were in life—typically overly proud samurai, priests, nobles. More broadly, they deceive travelers, kidnap children, and lead priests astray.

Often their victims are found tedi to the tops of trees, sometimes insane. They have strong powers of illusion, and will possess young women in an attempt to seduce priests and monks away from their vows.

Sometimes it can be propitiated wth i sacrifices. PUCA: May appear as a varety i of animals, always dark in color. Crops left in the feli ds after this date are considered to belong to it, as it is always hungry. If not fed, its temperament can turn more dangerous. As a human, tries to seduce young women. As horse, it carres i its rider into the water before eatng i the rder i , leaving only the liver.

If kept away from water, it can be controlled. Can be i snakes or dsemboded i spirts, i but typically used to descrbe i dolphins who can assume human form.

Encantados come from another word,l have magical abilities related to music and seduction. Like Celtic faeries, they sometimes kidnap children, especially progeny of their human liaisons—but no changeling stories. Encantados are known to drve i peopel mad, but rarely kill outright.

Will sometimes force a transmutation of a human into a new encantado, or simply glamour a human into following the encantado to its realm, known as Encante. In human form, they wear hats to cover their blowholes, which do not dsappear i in the transformation. A magical powder composed of manioc and chile, scattered over the water where the encantado appeared, is said to break their spell. Loki—trcksters i always can change shape? Ell egua, Coyote. Hell, Bugs Bunny is always dressing up like a woman.

May This would have been our fourteenth anniversary. I went and looked. So I handed Sammy the. Sometimes a.

November 2: Mary has been dead for nine years. O mne mness angeli, boni et mali, ex vir- tute naturali habent potestatem transmutandi corpora nostra. Alll ang Al angelels, good good and bad bad, hav have the power of transforming our bodies.


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